Perfect Crispy French Fries!

Here’s my simple recipe for perfectly crispy french fries I hope you enjoy 🙂

Most people who make fries at home buy a mess deep fryer that takes a ton of time to clean up…what i do is simple 🙂 Take a medium frying pan, and since I’m even too lazy to cut my own fries I buy a bag of frozen fries that are supposed to be cooked in the oven and I put them in the pan, I don’t even thaw them out or anything! add oil until your fries are nicely covered and start heating up. I do this on medium heat. I like to gradually heat up these fries because when they’re frozen and you throw them in oil they make a ton a back-splash we could All live without. While the fries are heating up I like to add a few simple spices such as salt & pepper and a little bit of onion & garlic powder and then i also add a generous amount of seasoning salt and that’s it. Once the oil is hot you cook the fries until they look crispy and ready to eat, and then enjoy!

Thanks for reading my french fry recipe More to come!

-Alex 🙂

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